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Despite the fact that Tramadol is an opioid analgesic intended for the treatment of chronic and post-traumatic pain, there are cases when the drug was also used by athletes to reduce muscle pain during complex competitions. In particular, this drug was used by some famous cyclists who used it during the race, thereby facilitating the pains caused by muscle fatigue. In addition, as an opioid analgesic, Tramadol creates a feeling of euphoria during the competition, thereby acting as an additional stimulant. Interestingly, with its positive qualities, the analgesic Tramadol reduces the focus of attention, which… Read Article →

Tramadol, also known under the trade name of Ultram, is a pharmaceutical product designed to eliminate severe pain. Tramadol significantly enhances the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic or post-traumatic pain by changing the perception of pain by the central nervous system. Also, Tramadol is actively used in complex therapy in the treatment of cancer in order to alleviate the suffering of the patient. Ultram is classified as a depressant of the central nervous system and a powerful analgesic, which, despite its effectiveness, works gently enough to provoke minimum side effects. The active… Read Article →

The unique composition of Tramadol allows it to effectively deal with the pains that occur after serious injuries, surgeries, during the treatment of cancer and in a number of other cases provided by the instruction. To date, there is a standard and prolonged form of Tramadol The second is designed for round-the-clock therapy. The standard form is designed for one-time elimination of pain syndrome. Valuable information for patients Despite the mild effects on the body, Tramadol, like any opioid analgesic, has its contraindications. In particular, it is not recommended to take the drug if you… Read Article →

In spite of the fact that Tramadol is a medicinal preparation intended to combat pain, there are a number of pathologies, in the treatment of which it demonstrates a worthy level of effectiveness. One of the problems that many men face is premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is an ejaculation with minimal stimulation of the penis. Repeated studies have shown that Tramadol demonstrates a worthy level of effectiveness when used as a sporadic basis for combating pathology. In one of the most popular studies, Tramadol was injected into the patient’s body 8 hours before the sexual… Read Article →

The special composition of Tramadol provides rapid and sustained analgesic effect which is less efficient only to morphine at the same dosage. Accordingly, Tramadol is used in higher doses. According to biopharmaceutical classification it belongs to the group of agonists of opioid receptors and is an oral remedy to combat pain of various origins. Tramadol was invented in the first half of the sixties of the 20th century by Dr. Kurt Flake which synthesized this molecule and thereby laid the foundations for the creation of opioid painkillers. The unique pharmacokinetic properties of the drug immediately… Read Article →

In search of alternative ways to combat premature ejaculation, researchers came to a very interesting conclusion. It turns out that the analgesic Tramadol invented in the seventies of the last century can well be used as a solution to this vital male problem. Initially, Tramadol was not focused on solving the problem of male sexual dysfunction, as Viagra was not designed to combat erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, this analgesic, which patients use to reduce moderate and severe pain, demonstrates certain efficacy and is able to significantly improve your sex life in a controlled manner. It should… Read Article →

Tramadol is a cheap and affordable drug designed to treat moderate and severe pain. To date, it is considered one of the most affordable and powerful drugs that have analgesic effect. With proper use of Tramadol according to the instruction, side effects are extremely rare, and the drug itself remains a relatively safe opioid. Like any analgesic, Tramadol is used to eliminate pain of various origins. Given that the most severe pain people experience as a result of the injury or after a complex operation, it is these patients that are primarily assigned to Tramadol… Read Article →

Tramadol like other pain- relief drugs are used by doctors worldwide as a safe and effective way to combat pain of various origins. Back pain, post-traumatic syndromes, cancer and other common phenomena, that adversely affect the quality of life of patients, are effectively and quickly removed by Tramadol Usually, relief comes immediately after the first dose of the medicine. But severe pain is not the only pathology which is effectively treated by Tramadol. Not so long ago we noticed a very unexpected effect of Tramadol, which significantly expanded the scope of application of this popular… Read Article →

Medicine has repeatedly faced with situations where a drug was designed for one purpose but, has been effective in addressing absolutely other pathology. Accidentally it has been discovered that Tramadol also shows a high effectiveness in the fight against the common male affliction known as a premature ejaculation. This unexpected effect of the drug, which is a powerful opioid analgesic, has provoked great interest on the part of the male population of the United States. Premature ejaculation is a problem which is faced by many men. Many representatives of the stronger sex are ready to… Read Article →

Tramadol effectively combats arthritis pain, postoperative pain, and is also used as maintenance therapy in oncology. The drug belongs to the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs which are appointed by a doctor on the prescription. Some types of pain require the use of extended release form of Tramadol, which gives a more lasting effect and reduces the frequency of drug intake, which is very important in order not to have an addiction. The drug is efficient and it is is confirmed by both a physician and a patient. Thus, when taking opioid analgesics there is a question… Read Article →

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